Sundial Links

Sky & Telescope Magazine

The most popular magazine for amateur astronomers, and a fine source of current and general astronomy information.

Solar Cookers International

A marvelous NGO helping thousands around the world with solar cookers, education, research, project support and government interface. For so many issues around the world, the solution truly does come up every morning. Give until it hurts!

North American Sundial Society

A US based group with extensive information and publications available.

UK Sundial compilation and information

A UK based page compiling a lot of useful Sundial information

Time Data

Time & Date

A great time resource with info on calendars, Sun and Moon positions, eclipses, calculators and much more.

Equation of Time

A nice printable version of the Equation of Time. This gives the corrections from clock time for each day of a given year so you know when to actually record a mark.

US Government info

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